Finally the website is out!
The registration for the training camps at the saturnus garage hus! Is now online.
We have decided to do two different camps!
✔️Saturnus KIDS camp 28,29 sept
✔️ Saturnus camp! For adults 5,6 oktober
So everyone is welcome to join the movement! We will have live dj:s playing at the camp… The location, the dj, the Music, the moves, the concept, this will be an experience! And yoooo peeps, Its is Free of charge! All info is on The website!

I have really pushed my body and mind into the next level. For my People close to me, you know what a Journey it has been these couple of years, and still is challenging, so the grind continues🙌🏽😉💪🏽 Im trying my best everyday, For you❤️ my Kids!❤️, my family,❤️my friends❤️All is for you! Thank you! ”I went from ME to WE” a quote i live by, made by inky Johnson

Special shout outs to these wonderful people
That is making the camp a reality!
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